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Meet Dr. Daglis

How can naturopathic medicine help to improve your overall health?

Naturopathic doctors invest time into understanding each patient as a unique individual, delving into their medical and family history, alongside social, emotional, habitual, and spiritual factors. Through comprehensive assessment, practitioners craft personalized plans that target areas requiring change or enhancement, fostering an environment where wellness can thrive.

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Meet Sarah

Daglis, ND, MS

Avid researcher & writer, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning.

Meet Dr. Daglis

6 naturopathic principles

Naturopathic doctors adhere to six fundamental naturopathic principles, a set of values applied to each case in medical practice:

First, do no harm

primum non nocere

This involves employing minimally invasive, low-toxicity therapies, only progressing to more aggressive treatments when necessary. The benefits of advancing must outweigh the detriment.

Additionally, referrals are recommended when the patient’s condition falls beyond the practitioner’s expertise or scope of practice.

The healing power of nature

vis medicatrix naturae

The concept that as beings of nature, the human body inherently harbors the capacity to self-heal. When provided with optimal conditions, proper nourishment, and the necessary support for compromised systems, these innate healing mechanisms can be stimulated and nurtured.

Identify and treat the cause

tolle causam

The primary objective of the naturopathic approach is to remove obstacles to cure and support affected pathways to regain optimal function, although conventional methods and symptom management may be necessary at times.

Doctor as teacher


Understanding one’s unique condition and the fundamental components of a healthy lifestyle is paramount.

Through thorough explanations and patient education, individuals can gain insight into their health status and learn how to implement strategies for achieving and maintaining wellness.

Treat the whole person

tolle totum

The human body is a highly sophisticated and interconnected system. Rather than addressing isolated symptoms, which are mere expressions of underlying issues, it is critical to examine the body as a unified whole where all systems interact.

Each person is unique in their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and genetic makeup, influenced by diverse environmental and social factors. Thus, a personalized approach with a comprehensive evaluation is essential.



Maintaining the core principles of health in our everyday lives lays the groundwork for preventing disease. Prioritizing hydration, adequate nutrition, physical activity, and quality sleep are essential elements.

It is also important to take into account individual predispositions when following these practices.

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